Joshua Abrams

Bassist Joshua Abrams might best be known for his work with Town and Country, but his ubiquity in Chicago's improvised music scene proves he's one of the most hard-working, creative, and prolific bass players around. Abrams eclectic solo release from two years back entitled Busride Interview (Lucky Kitchen) was followed up by the remarkable Cipher on Delmark where he led the quartet with Guillermo Gregorio, Axel Dorner, and Jeff Parker. He's also a member of the trio Sticks and Stones with Mantana Roberts and Chad Taylor. On any give night, there's a good chance you'll find Abrams playing in one of Chicago's famous jazz nooks in groups like the David Boykin Expanse, Nicole Mitchell's Black Earth Ensemble, and with artists like Jeb Bishop, Hamid Drake, and in countless other impressive ensembles.