Sunday Transmission Series at The Hungry Brain Celebrates its' 10th Anniversary

Chicago's most vibrant series for jazz and improvised music celebrates a milestone

In January of 2001, musicians Mike Reed and Josh Berman joined forces to establish a new center for Chicago's already lauded and influential jazz and improvised music community. Inspired by a new wave of peers the two inaugurated the Sunday Transmission Series at The Hungry Brain.

Over the past decade the venue, series and its organizers have been dedicated to nurturing creativity, experimentation and artistic growth among the city's jazz musicians. The weekly series quickly grew from showcasing budding local talent to also being a stopping point for some of the world's most renowned figures.

The efforts also gave way to the Umbrella Music collective - a group of Chicago based musicians and presenters working to present weekly concert series which now includes Elastic, the Hideout and an annual international festival. To celebrate the achievement, the concert schedule for the Sunday Transmission Series will feature a monthly anniversary night.

These special evenings will showcase returning musicians from some of the most memorable shows of the past ten years as well as long overdue appearances. Additionally, each show will be recorded for a limited edition release and over the course of the year fans will be encouraged to participate by lending old photographs or ephemera that will be assembled for a companion booklet.

Featured anniversary concerts are as follows:

January 9 AGOGIC featuring Andrew D'Angelo and Coung Vu
February 20 Available Jelly
April 10 Misha Mengleberg Solo & Han Bennink Solo
May 15 The Engines with John Tchicai
June 26 Jason Adasiewicz's Rolldown
July 31 Jeff Parker Trio with Chris Lopes and Chad Taylor
September 11 Lotte Anker, Craig Taborn & Gerald Cleaver
October 9 Fred Lonberg Holm Valentine Trio
November 6 Tony Malaby Tamarindo (with William Parker & Nasheet Waits)
December People, Places & Things